Sunday, October 7, 2007

Job Enlargement and Job Rotation

Job enlargement is doing different tasks and not just the same thing all the time. It may involve taking on more duties and adds variety to a person's job. Horizontal loading is often used which is giving people more jobs to do that require the same level of skill.
The first way is job enlargement. This way is to expand in several tasks than just to do one single task. It is also the horizontal expansion of a job. It involves the addition of tasks at the same level of skill and responsibility. It is done to keep workers from getting bored. This would also be considered multi tasking by which one person would do several persons jobs, saving the company money and man hours that normally would be paid to additional workers. Small companies may not have as many opportunities for promotions, so they try to motivate employees through job enlargement.

Job rotation is the movement between different jobs. One day a person may be working in one part of the factory and the next day they may work in a different part. This avoids the employee becoming bored as with job rotation they are doing different jobs all the time and learning new skills. Multi skills is when people have many skills so they are able to carry out many different jobs. Multi skills benefits the employer as if they are short of staff in one area, they can move people across."Job rotation is the movement of workers between different jobs".

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