Thursday, August 16, 2007

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessments

Human resource management, irrespective of public or private sector, is need of any modern day organisation to effectively use the manpower towards attainment of organisation's objective. It requires particular skill set in recruiting, retaining right man power, resolving internal conflicts, training man power etc.

Case Study questions:

What are the key questions you would ask?
  1. How do you determine needs
  2. What is the Strategic Plan
  3. Ask employees, what are your skill levels
  4. Have you considered other methods besides format training
  5. How much time are you will to spend mentoring
  6. How are you going to set priorities for training attendance
  7. Has a gap analysis been performed
  8. Is this training issue
  9. Training record for individuals
  10. Employee's perspective on timeline for meeting needs
  11. Budget options
  12. Identify top 3 players for supervisor..and why
  13. Why they want to supervise
  14. "Personal Style" issue and if correctable

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