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Job Specification

Job Specification

Job specification or men specification or employee specification is a statement of the minimum acceptable human qualities required for the performance of a is a written record of physical,mental and social psychological, and behavioral characteristics which a person should possess in order to perform the job effectively. Physical characteristics include height,weight,chest,vision,hearing,health,age,voice,poise,hand and foot coordination, etc. Mental characteristics consist of general intelligence,Memory judgment,ability to concentrate,foresight, etc. Social and psychological characteristics comprise emotional stability,flexibility,personal appearance,pleasing manner, initiative, drive,conversational ability,etc. other personal characteristics include sex,education, family background, job experience, extra-curricular activities,hobbies etc. All these taints may be classified into three categories:

1) Essential attributes which a person must process.
2)Desirable attributes which a person ought to posses.
3)Contra-indicators which will become a handicap to successful job performance.

Job specification tells what kind of person required for a given job.It serve as a guide in a recruitment and selection process.It is also help in training and appraisal of the employee.Job specification is criticized on the ground that it is restrictive in an nature as it resricts the development of individual in the job. Organisation generally tend to specify reletively high requirements for formal education and training with the result that highly qualified personnel end up doing routine jobs. Despite these problems it is necessary for every one job the minimum acceptable human qulalities.

Job Specification of Compensation Manager

Position Title : Manager,Wage and Salary Administration

Department : Human Resource Division

Education & Training : a) Abachelor degree good with at least 50 percent marks

b) MBA with specialisation in HRM/MA social work
Diploma in HRM

c) A degree or diploma in labour law will be additional desirable qualification

Experience : At least five years experience in a similar position in a large
organisation of repute.

Age : Preferably above 30 Years and below 45 years.

Other Attributes : a) Good Health
b) Pleasing Manners
c) Fluency in speaking and writing
d) Analytical and decision making skills.
e) Ability to work long hours.
f) Innovative Approach
g) Good knowledge of computer applications

Difference Between Job Description and Job Specification

Job Description and Job Specification-both are interrelated as well as important tool in the job
Study,They are important by products of job Analysis. They both serve as a a basis for scientific selection,promotion,training and development programmers. But they are quite different in nature. A job description is the standard of the job while a job specification is the main specification. Job Description tells what is to be done and what is nature of job ; on the other hand ,job specification tell us what quality are needs in the prospective job holder.

Job Description : A statement containing such items as:

-Job Title
-Summary of duties
-Detailed statement of work performed
-Tools,equipment machine
-Material used
-Working conditions
-Relation to other jobs

Job Specification : A statement of the human qualifications necessary to do the job.
Usually Contains such items as :
-Specials aptitude
-Analysis and judgment ability
-Mental and visual demand
-Emotional Characteristics

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