Monday, June 18, 2007

Oral Responses and Oral Inquiries

Interviews: A selection procedure designed to predict future job performance on the basis of applicants' oral responses to oral inquiries.


*useful for determining if the applicant has requisite communicative or social skills which may be necessary for the job

*interviewer can obtain supplementary information

*used to appraise candidates' verbal fluency
*can assess the applicant's job knowledge
*can be used for selection among equally qualified applicants
*enables the supervisor and/or co-workers to determine if there is compatability between the applicant and the employees
*allows the applicant to ask questions that may reveal additional information useful for making a selection decision
*the interview may be modified as needed to gather important information


*subjective evaluations are made
*decisions tend to be made within the first few minutes of the interview with the remainder of the interview used to validate or justify the original decision
*interviewers form stereotypes concerning the characteristics required for success on the job
*research has shown disproportionate rates of selection between minority and non-minority members using interviews
*negative information seems to be given more weight
*not much evidence of validity of the selection procedure
*not as reliable as tests

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