Monday, March 7, 2011

Performance Appraisal-Introduction

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal can be defined as a system of measuring employee’s performance relative to the assigned or agreed objectives. The process starts with the supervisor and or with the subordinate agreeing on specific objectives that need to be met on an agreed time period. The objectives that are used in the Performance appraisal stem from the main organizational objectives that are reduced to Departmental goals and now to individual goals. At the end of the agreed period such as six months or 24 months (differs with organizations), an employee’s performance is measured juxtaposed the agreed goals.

The appraiser who is the supervisor will be using a stipulated scale on which to score the appraisee’s (employee) performance attributes. See Figure 1.0 below for an example of part of an performance appraisal form.

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