Saturday, October 6, 2007

Benefits of Job Rotation


*Help attract new hires and increase the retention rate of current employees when they see the opportunities for rotation/ growth.

*Increase excitement- ability to meet with different people, not to be bored, and to learn different areas.

*Raise public relations values because of our uniqueness.

*Attract higher quality applicants.

*Excite current employees through meeting different people, increased challenge, opportunity to learn different areas.

*Motivate employees to work harder.

*Increase growth opportunities.

*Increase the frequency of new job openings.

*Be an effective method for rewarding high performing employees.

*Enhance employee commitment to stay with the company.

*Make managers likely to stay to work with the energetic new hires. (new ideas / fresh eyes.

*Help identify/ dump low performing employees.
Team building / cooperation

*Increase the speed of functional "Silo" breakdown.

*Increase Inter-team communications.

*Include rotations into the business functions which can help technical people develop a broader understanding of the business, our strategy, the needs of our customers and where the company is headed.

*Expose employees to more diversity.
Developing managers

*Provide feedback from the rotations about their managers which could help us identify the best / worst managers.

*Force managers to develop procedures manuals/templates so that new candidates can get up to speed rapidly.

*Decrease our training costs while also increasing the impact of the training.

*Help us evaluate the quality of our talent by acting as a Mini assessment program /center which solicits multiple opinions on the skills of the rotations.

*Decrease training costs while increasing it's impact because job rotation is a hands on experience.
Individual employee benefit

*Test and prepare employees for faster promotions.

*Increase / maintain an individuals employability.

*Aid in building contacts, networks and getting a Mentor

*Make individuals more self-motivated, flexible, adaptable, innovative, eager to learn and able to communicate effectively.

*Get people with "fresh eyes" to visit different departments and ask why & why not?

*Increase productivity by non-rotations because of their freshness and energy.

*Reduce the cost of filling a job (because it's an internal placement).

*Speed up the hiring process because more data is available on the rotational candidates.

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