Saturday, October 6, 2007

JOB ROTATION program variations

Many of the traditional rotational program fail because they are inflexible and do not allow for variation to meet the increasing speed of change in the world of work.

Project Rotation - Although most tradition job rotations are "whole job position" there are no reasons that people can't maintain their day job. There can be virtual rotations where the employees maintain their regular job while rotating through various special projects. During a virtual rotation an employee might rotate between projects without having to leave their work station or needing to have their position job title or supervisor to changed.

Half Time Or One Day A Week Rotation -- Rotations can also be based on an allocation of time where an employee works at their regular job for specific period (like mornings) and during the rest of the day they rotate to another department or project. A related variation is a spilt week rotation where, for example an employee spends four days on their regular job and Fridays in their rotation department.

Cross Functional Rotation -- Most traditional job rotations move people between tasks in single department. A functional rotation moves people between distinct business units in order to explore a wider range of experiences. A common one would be the moving of a technician engineer into a business position like sales to increase their awareness of customer needs. A related approach moves people between geographic regions or countries. This approach helps to increase their understanding of different cultures and business strategies.

Internship Prior To A Rotation - For rotational programs that are designed for recent college hires you can dramatically improve your success rate for rotations if you require them to complete an internship at the company prior to their college graduation. By adding this step to the rotational program you get an initial on the job prescreen which will help you identify the candidate with the most potential to succeed in the rotational program.

Related HR Programs -- There are several HR programs that have related goals and that use tools that are similar to those that are used in rotation programs. It often helps to consider these types of program in lieu of a rotation program or it is beneficial to study them in order to learn how to improve rotation programs. Some of these related programs include:

*Retention Programs
*Fast Track Programs
*Orientation Programs
*Educational/ Advanced Degree Support
*Off Site/ Extended Training Programs
*Overseas Assignments
*Executive Coaching and Development

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