Monday, February 11, 2008

Characteristics of Communication

Characteristics of Communication

1. Communication is Inevitable (unavoidable)

2. Communication Operates at Two Levels (content and relational)

3. Communication is Irreversible

4. Communication is a Process

5. Communication is not a (panacea) Cure-all (a remedy for all ills)

6. In Communication Everything Effects Everything Else
A communication system has 5 main components. All of which function together to create a helpful and create an operational system that properly communicates.
A Data Source : This where the data is originally made or sent from. An example of this could be a networked computer.
The Data Source then sends the data to the Transmitter: This is where the data is encoded into a form useful for the transmission medium to send.
The Transmitter sends the data along the Transmission Medium to a Receiver: There the data will be decoded from the form that it was sent in. This will enable the Destination to read the data in the correct format.
The Destination: This is where the data finally completes it's trip and arrives. The destination is simply the place where the data was directed to at the start of the Communication System.

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