Monday, February 11, 2008

Communication Methods

Communication Methods

Experts say that communication is composed of different methods: words, voice, tone and non-verbal clues. Of these, some are more effective in delivering a message than others. According to research, in a conversation or verbal exchange:

Words are 7% effective
Tone of voice is 38% effective
Non-verbal clues are 55% effective.
Non-verbal clues include:

*Body language (e.g., arms crossed, standing, sitting, relaxed, tense),
*Emotion of the sender and receiver (e.g., yelling, speaking provocatively, enthusiastic)
*Other connections between the people (e.g., friends, enemies, professional similarities or differences, personal similarities or differences, age similarities or differences, philosophical similarities or differences, attitudes, expectations).
In other words, WHAT you say is not nearly as important as HOW you say it!

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