Monday, February 11, 2008

Guidelines of communication

Guidelines of communication
Have a positive attitude about communication. Defensiveness interferes with Communication

Be an active listener and do not answer until the other person has finished talking

Be slow to speak. Think first about what you are going to say and how it may sound

Do not use silence to frustrate the other person. Explain why you are hesitant to talk at this time

Do not get involved in blame-game or name calling. It possible to disagree with having conflict

Listen without thinking about what you will say next. Take time before you respond

Do not be invested in being right. Being right is not the point. If you must be right, you are able

to neither listen nor communicate because you have set up a barrier already. If you are always
right that means the other person is always wrong. That cannot be true.

If your mind wanders, ask for repetition. We all are subject to distraction. Try to stay focused

In all cases repeat back what you heard and ask if it is correct

Work at improving communication skills. It takes knowledge and work

Maintain eye contact

Use an open posture with your hands and legs

Smile or nod in accord with what is being said or in what you observe in the other person

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