Monday, February 4, 2008

Importance of Trade Union


Trade unions have always had two faces, sword of justice and vested interest". The balance between these two features can change over time; however it seems clear that in many countries, unions have lately come to be widely perceived as conservative institutions, primarily concerned to defend the relative advantages of a minority of the working population. However if we examine closely we shall find that trade unions have not just benefited the employees but also the employers in a number of ways:

Helps management in bringing about any kind of changes

Provides for a mechanism to deal with employees at large, dealing with large number of workers on one to one basis is not possible, this is where a trade union comes into picture

Securing maximum cooperation from workers.

Meeting its social obligations
by helping in the recruitment and selection of workers.

by inculcating discipline among the workforce

by enabling settlement of industrial disputes in a rational manner

by helping social adjustments. Workers have to adjust themselves to the new working conditions, the new rules and policies. Workers coming from different backgrounds may become disorganized, unsatisfied and frustrated. Unions help them in such adjustment.
promoting and maintaining national integration by reducing the number of industrial disputes

incorporating a sense of corporate social responsibility in workers

achieving industrial peace

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