Monday, February 4, 2008

Objective of Industrial Relation

The primary objective of industrial relations is to maintain congenial relations between employees and employer. The other objectives are:

1.To promote and develop congenial labor management relations.

2.To enhance the economic status of the worker by improving wages, benefits and by helping the worker in evolving sound budget.

3.To regulate the production by minimizing industrial conflicts through state control.

4.To socialize industries by making the government as an employer.

5.To provide an opportunity to the workers to have a say in the management and decision-making.

6.To improve workers’ strength with a view to solve their problems through mutual negotiations and consultation with the management.

7.To encourage and develop trade unions in order to improve the workers’ strength,8.To avoid industrial conflict and their consequences and

9.To extend and maintain industrial democracy.
10.To eliminate or minimize the number of strikes, lockouts and gheraos by providing reasonable wages, improved living and working conditions, said fringe benefits.

11.To improve the economic conditions of workers in the existing state of industrial managements and political government.

12.Socialization of industries by making the state itself a major employer
Vesting of a proprietary interest of the workers in the industries in which they are employed

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