Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Personnel Selection

Definition:Personnel Selection is the methodical placement of individuals into jobs. Its impact on the organization is realized when employees achieve years or decades of service to the employer. The process of selection follows a methodology to collect information about an individual in order to determine if that individual should be employed. The methodology used should not violate any laws regarding personnel selection.

Job Analysis:A selection procedure has "validity" if a clear relationship can be shown between the selection procedure itself and the job for which the individuals are being selected. Thus, an important part of selection is Job Analysis. A job analysis is usually conducted prior to, and is often used in, the development of the selection procedures. However, a selection procedure may be "validated" after it has been implemented by conducting a job analysis and showing the relationship between the selection procedure and the job.

The process of personnel selection involves collecting information about individuals for the purpose of determining suitability for employment in a particular job. This information is collected using one or more selection devices or methods which are categorized below:

*Personality Tests
*Biographical Data
*Cognitive Ability Tests
*Physical Ability Tests
*Self Assessments
*Assessment Centers

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