Thursday, December 13, 2007

Training Policy

The following will be the rules for Training and Development:
1. Training Need Identification
The existing skill gaps and skills needed for future Business requirements will be identified from the following:

Performance Measurement System.
Job description vis-a-vis the individual profile.
Feedback from the HOD/ immediate supervisor on the basis of on the job performance of individual/ group.
Career planning/ potential appraisal/ succession planning.
Organisational requirement.
Based on training needs identified, HRD Department will ensure that all officers get covered under the in-house/external training programmes every year.
2.Training Advisory Committee
There shall be a Training Advisory Committee which shall comprise:

Business Chief/Unit Chief
Functional Heads/HODs
Training In-charge (will act as Coordinator)

TAC shall be responsible for the areas as defined in the policy.
3 External Nominations

Where an employee has to be nominated for an external programme, a specific sanction for such nomination shall be obtained as per the enclosed Annexure – I.

On approval, the HRD Department will send a formal letter to the employee concerned intimating therein, objectives of such nomination as per the proforma enclosed as Annexure-II.

A feedback proforma, as per Annexure-III shall also be enclosed with the letter which the concerned employee shall return to HRD Department duly filled after his return from such programme.
4. In-House Training Programmes

Where a particular skill is required to be imparted to more number of people, the programme shall be organised in-house through reputed faculty/institutes.
5. Transfer of Learning

There shall be a structured review for evaluating the extent of transfer of learning acquired into practice. This shall be done through the following:

Each participant shall submit a report/make a presentation on the learnings acquired in a programme of two days or more duration.

Where the participant was nominated to a programme as part of Job Requirement/Developmental Plan, the participant and the concerned HOD shall be required to submit a report on completion of three months as per Annexure-IV.
The TAC shall review training activities on quarterly basis and interview, selectively, the participants who attended Programmes for job requirement/development plan to assess extent of learning/transfer of learning by the participants.

On basis of the above the TAC shall recommend improvement plan required in the Training and Development activities.
6.Job Rotation/Multi-Skilling

To identify potential employees who have the capability of taking higher/additional responsibility/general management position.

HRD Department alongwith the concerned HOD and Unit Chief shall draw out a plan for their job rotation both Intra and Inter Department.

All trainees and officers upto the level of HOD shall necessarily learn “One up – Two down” functions in his area of responsibility.
Effectiveness of The Training Programme

The effectiveness of the Training Programme in respect of Programme Contents, Faculty Rating, Duration, Methodology of Training etc. shall be adjudged by:
Specified Feedback Performa to be filled by participants on conclusion of the programme, enclosed as Annexure III.

Informal interview with participants and Faculty during and after the programme by HRD Department and Senior Managers Team.

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