Saturday, December 15, 2007

Training Material

To make the training intervention effective & successful, mentioned below are some points which can be taken care of:
1. Room Size

a. Depends on the number of participants.
b. Spacing:
1.There should be at least 6 ft. space between the back wall and the table/chair which is nearest to it.

2.There should be at least 2-3 ft. of walking space along the sides of the room between the tables and the wall.

3.There should be at least 2-3 ft. of walking space in the middle between 2 rows of table.A high ceiling creates a better ambience.
2.Room Location / Arrangements
1.Should be preferably on the ground floor or above. Avoid rooms in the basement.

2.Ensure that there is no party or conference with loud sound system adjacent to our room as it may cause disturbance in our program.

3.In case there is any important meeting going on in an adjacent hall which requires silence, our own playing of videos may also disturb them.

4.Ensure that tea/coffee for any other intervention is not arranged outside our room, as during their break there is usually loud commotion which causes disturbance.

5.If our tea/coffee is arranged within the room, it should be preferably relocated outside the room. In case it can’t be relocated and the room is very large, then it should be at the back not at the side. Sometimes, it has been noticed that the hotel staff’s movements to arrange them within the room (before the break) causes much disturbance and distraction so try and have it outside and not inside the training room.

1.Round tables (cluster formation) with ideally 4 participants per table.

2.Comfortable chairs.

3.There should be at least 4 ft. distance between the tables. 6 ft. distance if there are chairs on the inside area of both tables. This would then give approximately 4 ft. distance between those chairs.

4.There should be approximately 8 ft. distance from the trainer’s table to the front table where the nearest participant would be seated.

5.Trainer’s table should preferably be a rectangle (long) table - approx. 6-8 ft. in length, with enough space to keep laptop / projector / manual.

6.1-2 extra chairs at the back (for the co-facilitator & also for the trainer to sit when videos are being played) and 1 chair at the trainer’s end near the table.

7.If possible, 1 extra table at the trainer’s corner of the room to keep carton/handouts/bag etc. (OR) if the trainer’s table is fully covered with the table cloth the carton/bags can be kept under the table.
4. LCD projector

1.It should be at least 2500 lumens for good clarity of the videos. In case a projector with at least 2000 lumens, the trainer should be informed in time so that s/he can get one arranged. The videos have great impact on the training and a good LCD is essential.

2.Resolution: Should support 1024x768.

3.The LCD remote is a ‘must’ as it really helps when the ‘blank’ option is required.
5.Projection Screen

1. Size: Preferably 10x12 ft. or nearest possible to that.
2.The distance from the projector table to the screen should be at least 6-8 ft.
6.Room Lighting

1.The screen should not be placed directly under any light and/or no light should be focusing on the screen due to which videos may not be clear.

2.There should also be no light behind the screen as the rod behind the screen casts a shadow on the screen.

3.If there are lights above the screen or focusing on the screen which cannot be switched off individually, please have the bulbs removed.

4.If the location of light switches are at the trainer’s end of the room, it becomes easier for the trainer to control the lights and switch them off during videos. So if there is a choice, the screen should be setup at that end where the switches are easily accessible.If there are mirrors on the wall, please have them covered if possible. If there is mirror behind the screen, the LCD projector light reflects on that and hurts the eyes of the participants
7.Sound System
1.Any Good Sound System (with amplifiers) which can be connected to the laptop. It should not be a normal PC/Laptop speaker as it won’t create the impact required.

2.Placement: If it is not an overhead system then the speakers should be kept facing the audience at least 8-10 feet away from the front table or with one at the front and one at the back with a distance of 6-8 ft from the nearest table. It should not be placed on one side of the room as it becomes too loud for the participants nearest the speaker(s).

3.If the trainer can carry his/her own sound system, it would be great. It can save their day (not to mention the program).
8.Power Supply

1.UPS for the Projector / Speakers / Laptop.

2.An extension cord which extends till (under) the table with at least 4 sockets. For Laptop / Speakers / LCD / 1 extra if needed.

3.The extension board should have sockets which can also accommodate flat pin if required.

4.It is maybe wise for the trainer to carry a multiple plug; just in case...
9. Whiteboard / Flipchart

1. 1 Whiteboard & 1 Flipchart board with preferably a chequered background flipchart (the chequered lines helps in writing straight and the words don’t slant up or down too much).

2.You can put the flipchart over the whiteboard instead of keeping one on either side which makes the room look too full.

3.Placement of the Whiteboard/Flipchart: On the left side of the trainer (right side of the participants when they face it). Reverse the position if the trainer is left handed.

4.Whiteboard/Flipchart markers: Black/Blue/Green/Red.

5.Preferred brand: Luxor as they have thick felt tip which is more visible. Reynolds markers have a thin felt tip and therefore less visible to participants at the back.
10.Participants Needs

a. Mineral water bottle and glasses at all tables including the trainer’s table.
b. Bowl of toffees. Participants prefer the following – Chloromint / Polo. Have plenty of them.
c. Pencils/Sharpeners/Erasers/Writing Pads for participants & the trainer.

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