Thursday, January 24, 2008

Advantage of Job Evaluation

1. Job Evaluation is a logical and, to some extent,an objective method of ranking jobs relative to one another.It will help in removing inequalities in a plant or industry.
2. In case of New Jobs, the method often facilitates fitting them into the existing wage structure.
3. The method helps in removing grievances arising out of relative wages, and it improve labour management relation and workers morale.
4. The method replaces the many accidental factor,occurring in less systematic procedure of wage bargaining by more impersonal and objective standards, thus establishing a clear basis for negotiations.
5. The method may lead to greater uniformity in wage rates,thus simplifying wage administration.
6. The the information collected in the process of job description and analysis may also be used for the improvement of selection, transfer and promotion procedures on the basis of comparative job requirement.

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