Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Elements in Appraisal

A new employee is often subject to a probationary period - normally three months although probationary periods vary from a few weeks to a year. Probation must have a strong link to induction training. Probationers need to be supported properly or the chances of the new employee struggling or failing will increase. The nature and process of probationary reviews depend on local methods and policies, however the elements of the review process (and any documentation or system used) will commonly be:
name position department etc.

dates - commencement and review

basis of review - clear explanation of what constitutes a successful outcome, linked to consequences of success and failure, according to probationary policies
agreed activities and aims for probationary period

clear and transparent quantifiable measures for each aim/activity - for acceptable probationary review, and for ultimate job performance standard if different (aims must be SMART - specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, time-bound - aims and activities should logically reflect and represent the core skills, knowledge, behaviour an learning necessary for the probationers job function)
agreed support, training and resources for aims/activities

names and contact details for mentors, trainers, helpers for each activity

self-assessment section for each aim/activity

trainer/supervisor assessment of each aim/activity

probationary review comments and agreed future actions, per aim/activity

overall review summary, comment and agree status/actions

signatures and dates of reviewer and probationer

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