Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Training for Appraisal

Every organisation conducts performance for assessing the performance of the employees and the organisation. But if not conducted properly, they can give a false impression about the performance of the employees and affect the overall performance of the organisation; therefore, there is a need to train the appraisers to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the process. Studies have revealed that appraisals are often conducted by the managers and the supervisor who sometimes, are themselves not aware of the procedures to be followed. They should be explained the importance and the implications of the performance appraisal to the organisations, the methods to be followed, the principles and the processes of the appraisal.

All managers and supervisors who consult performance appraisals should be given training for the following:
Methods, techniques and guidelines for setting goals and objectives

How to evaluate the performance and rate the employees

Standards for performance documentation

How to complete a performance appraisal form

How to maintain objectivity in the appraisal

Questioning techniques for appraisals

Responding to employee reactions

Improves rapport and communication

Building morale and motivating employees

Observing and measuring performance

Tracking results

Structuring the interview with the focus on improving performance

Feedback techniques (providing constructive feedback)

How to deal with non-performers and people who refuse to co-operate

Post review actions The training can be given by conducting special workshops by professional
HR consultants or qualified and experienced HR professionals of human resource management.
The venue for the purpose can be a suitable seminar hall, training room, conference hall, boardroom, or at some place away from the workplace like some hotel etc.

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