Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Appraisal Objective and Cycle


Performance Management (PM) is an approach to bring in systematic and integrated improvements in the management processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in strategy execution.

The objective of the Performance Management System is to:

Define parameters of performance
bring individual clarity to the job role
give direction to the individual
and review the performance against the set goals and targets
Appraisal Objectives:

Performance of every employee is evaluated to reduce the gap between the expected performance and the actual performance of the employee towards achieving the organisation goals.

The appraisal process is an assessment tool that establishes a linkage between the targets given to each employee and the organizational plans i.e., individual goals arising out of The Organization goals.

The Process is a development tool, to assess employee potential vis-à-vis weakness and strengths, and recommend developmental measures to facilitate the employee’s future growth.

High and good performance has a direct link to compensation and benefits. The appraisal process helps to establish this link. Employees who achieve high ratings will be suitably rewarded in salary, benefits, growth and responsibility.
Appraisal Cycle:

Each employee is entitled to a thoughtful and careful appraisal, and a formal appraisal process would take place on a bi-annual basis. New employees should be informed about the Organization’s PMS within the first one-month of employment-during the induction program. Probation Appraisal is conducted on completion of the probation period (as mentioned in the employee’s appointment letter) for any new employee. All confirmed employee will participate in the Appraisal.

The Performance Appraisal form will be circulated by the HR department by second week of March & September every year. The performance appraisal form is to be filled by the appraisee and then by the appraiser / appraisers. The filled in forms to be submitted by the reviewing manager to the HR department by the 3rd week of April/October of every year.

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