Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Workplace Safety Job

Executive Director/Administrator/Risk Manager

The executive director is ultimately responsible for having an effective workplace safety program in place.

Workplace Safety Coordinator

Although safety is everyone's responsibility, it is important that workplace safety oversight be assigned specifically to one person. The role of ?workplace safety coordinator? can be incorporated into someone's job description?it does not have to be a separate position. The organization should empower the workplace safety coordinator to act as needed to safeguard employees and volunteers, and provide the training and resources needed to manage these risks effectively. One of these resources is a Workplace Safety Committee.

Leads all safety committee functions.
Facilitates all safety committee meetings.
Directly reports to executive director/administrator/risk manager.
Serves as the primary contact for any insurance and government-related safety inspections.
Workplace Safety Committee

The workplace safety committee carries out the policies, creates procedures, analyzes data and makes recommendations for change under the leadership of the workplace safety officer.

Monthly meeting — It is advisable that the committee meet monthly. The agenda for these meetings should include: reviewing all accidents, accident investigation reports, inspection reports, training and other safety issues.

Accident/Incident analysis — At least quarterly, the committee conducts an accident/incident analysis to note trends and take corrective action.

Monthly safety inspections — The committee oversees monthly safety inspections.

Annual training schedule — The committee develops and carries out annual training schedule to address safety requirements or areas of accident frequency.

Annual report — The committee submits an annual report to the executive director/administrator/risk manager to include: accident analysis, safety accomplishments, and outstanding safety issues.

Annual safety objectives — The committee establishes annual workplace safety objectives for the coming year based on the current annual report.

Accountability — The safety committee is basically responsible for having an effective safety program in place.

Supervisors are fundamentally responsible for ensuring safety in their own departments.


Are active members of workplace safety committee.
Assist in developing workplace safety procedures for their respective departments.
Enforce and promote workplace safety procedures in their departments.
Conduct investigations of any accidents/incidents occurring in their departments.
Immediately report any unsafe acts, conditions or accidents in their departments.

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