Monday, February 14, 2011

Explanation of Gratuity Act

Explanation I

In the cease of an employee who is not in uninterrupted service for one year, he shall be deemed to be in continuous service if he has been actually employed by an employer during the twelve months immediately preceding the year for not less than--
(i) 190 days, if employed below the ground in a mine, or
(ii) 240 days, in any other case, except when he is employed in a seasonal establishment.

Explanation II

An employee of a establishment shall be deemed to be in continuos service if he has actually worked for not less than seventy-five per cent of the number of days on which the establishment was in operation during the year. Section 2(d)·
(d) “Controlling authority” means an authority appointed by an appropriate Government under Section 3. Section 2(d).
(e) "Family", in relation to an employee, shall be deemed to consist of---
(i) in the case of a male employee, himself, his wife, his children, whether married or unmarried, his dependent parents and the widow and children, of his predeceased son, if any,
(ii) in the case of a female employee, herself, her husband, her children, whether married or unmarried, her dependent parents and the dependent parents of her husband and the widow and children of her predeceased son, if any:
the employee. Section 2(h).

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