Monday, February 14, 2011

General Principles

For the Performance Management to function effectively, all elements of this process must cohere. The inter-linking feature throughout each of these processes shall be the Employee Development Plan (EDP), as set out in the appendix. The EDP shall form a basis of discussion between the Line Manager and the employee.· The Company shall regard its obligations and those of its employees as being governed by the following principles

It shall engage people with skills, knowledge, abilities, professional credentials and values that are congruent with those of the Company.o It shall manage employees respectfully through processes that are procedurally fair, transparent and encourage flexible response in the work environment. It shall develop employees’ capabilities to reach targets and goals of the Company.o It shall provide honest, evidence-based feedback to enable monitoring and adjustment of the performance.o It shall preserve confidentiality during the whole process and disseminate formal reports to only employees’ line managers and where appropriate, the Human Resource Department.

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