Monday, February 14, 2011

Training Indroduction

This is the most frequently used and focused subsystem of HRD. It has been to significant that in past HRD was equated in some companies with training.

Induction Training
It is a process of welcoming a new employee to the organization and to acquaint to the organization and his job.

After joining a post, the employee should be given necessary induction training - need for the same is

1} To inform the employee the terms and conditions of his employment & the job requirements, environments.

2} To help him in gaining confidence in his work and the organization he has joined.

Induction training is also given to an employee who gets promoted to a supervisory position from a lower rank. It is the responsibility of the personnel department to arrange for such orientation, the line managers should take interest in orienting the subordinates assigned to the departments for ultimately they are responsible for the better performance of new entrants.

Induction relates to --

Informing the achievement of other seniors and Co’s recognitions towards each and showing them the way to achieve the same.Making them to know about their team leader requirements, risk involved, ways of co-ordination in view of overall performance levels

To make them comfortable with the Co’s professional environment together with improvement areas etc.

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