Monday, February 14, 2011

Retain Employee

Employee Retaintion Step.

1. In advance( may a week before the last day) writing him a mail and stating that though he has decided to move on but you ( as in HR) would like to spend some time to understand his prespctive of the comapny

2. Fix a date and time and book a conf room for the same, so that at th elast min you are not runing around with the individual to find a comfortable place for interacting with him/her

3. Calculte the full and final settlements with tax obligations so that you could settle the same on the lsat day with out bothering the employee and asking to him to come again just to collect the cheque.

4. Spend time and LISTEN, you could read between the lines to understand ( may be the reason for quittting) Brief him about the company policy which may have helped him to alter the decision

5. Ask for his personal mail id and keep in touch by sending mailer regarding company news letters, job vacancies etc6. Last but not the elast assit him in all the formalities that are required to be completed before the exit ( like hading over the drawer keys, deleting mail id, handing over of Lib books, CD etc, getting the clearance cheque from the accounts) and then see the person off.

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